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OUR MISSION is to provide on-line interactive competency based professional education in stress management for those using polychromatic light technology and therapeutics (PLT). Our intention is to create professional PLT practitioners and knowledgeable PLT owners and entrepreneurs.

OUR VISION is to see polychromatic light technologies and therapeutics (PLT) safely and effectively used in all homes, health care and wellness settings. To enable this vision we have conceptualized a four-phase educational process based on our beliefs about the PLT community.


Phase I: Education for PLT Owners and Entrepreneurs

Whether you are a new owner of a PLT system or starting a PLT technology business you need to know the basics. We offer a 60 minute on-line self-paced training called "PLT INTRODUCTION" detailed under our CURRICULUM page.

Phase II: Certification and Licensing in Stress Management Coach – Polychromatic Light Technologies

The field of polychromatic light technology and therapeutics has experienced a tremendous rate of growth. As such, certification and licensing from fully accredited boards is critically important for practitioners and professional representatives of the industry. We've created a 205 hour CEU certification and licensing program knowing we are establishing the industry standard. It includes FUNDAMENTALS and ADVANCED content blended with PRACTICUM, INTERNSHIP and COACHING experience. We partnered with Natural Therapies Certification Boardâ„¢ (NTCB) for CERTIFICATION and with the Federation of Spiritual Healers License Board (FSHLB) for LICENSING.

We also believe this education needs to be provided by the very best instructors on the leading edge of light technologies utilizing the most advanced interactive on-line technology available. Please see the ABOUT page to learn more about our instructors. The entire educational program, prerequisites and CEUs are described on the CURRICULUM page. Course dates, registration deadlines and course fees are detailed on the CALENDAR.

Phase III: Continuing Education Units (CEU) Courses

Initial certification from NTCB is for one year. Starting with the second year and every year thereafter, re-certification requires completion of 20 CEUs per year. The guidelines set by NTCB suggest completion of 10 CEUs in light technologies and therapeutics and 10 CEUs in related topics. Short 1-3 hour CEU courses will be developed to fill these needs. Please see the REGISTRATION page and the CALENDAR for details as these are developed.

Phase IV: Specialist Certification Tracks

We are targeting late 2017 for the development and launch of Specialist Certifications. These area specialties may include and are not limited to: pain management, wound healing, brain health, traumatic brain injury, neuropathy, and peak performance.


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